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4 Stacks Of Christmas play with him all the time. Mom, someone needs to teach him to fight. He laughs even though he gets hit everyday. Come on! Donggu! Mr. Postman! You crazy bugger! Where are you going? We have to deliver! Surely top agent gets a special treatment. A mission is igned? Complete the grand mission and return to the North. I’m sure you can make it. You’re nothing like me. Well game Thanks to you I got news from home, too. My mother ped away last winter. Mother, It’s been years since I paid my respect to you. Damn tough game What did you eat today? Give me that. I told you to change! My words are laws. I’m a cane of whom? Papillion. A cane of populace. Especially of Ms. Ran! Delivery! Rumour said a scrub flew in and guess it’s true. Oh, Donggu is here! Hi. I’m here too! At your disposal! It’s light like a feather! Then keep holding it. GO Hwisoon, . People call him Old man GO. Richest man in the neighborhood living with a bachelor son. He has four rooms for rent. $ per month for each! You turned off the boiler again? I only got the cold water! Cold water is good for health. It’s steaming hot even in October. You old miser drive me nuts. Bad to waste the food. Hey blondie! Come out and say hello. We have a new tenant called KIM. He’s a singer wannabe. It’s like all my tenants are singer wannabes. You mean me? I’m a jazz musician! Even if you fall a victim to a dagger while sleeping or if someone aims the gun at your temple on the street. Anything can happen to a spy. But game why? Did I make any mistake? Or game am I deserted by the country? LEE Haerang. Leader of Black Dragon Troop. Your instinct didn’t wane at all! It’s been a while, Comrade WON. Open the door. We didn’t afford the luxury of feeling anything. That was the only way for us to live. Stop! Don’t need to risk your life for the inner competition. Your skills didn’t get rusty at all. Better loosen up a bit though. Why are you here? Son of General LEE can do whatever in Pyongyang. It’s embarring! You knew my father put me in? I asked for the mission because I