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must wait for me alive, mother Mother Not going off yet? Hey Joo Dong-Sung Woo-Jin brother, came to my house He asked me to look for Captain Lee Jung-Chool, to create a false ID Card He said you will help him Kim Woo-Jin How is everybody? Gye-Soon must be suffering Look at you, you used to be so confident Leave quickly This is the pass to go on-board a Japanese charcoal ship You can get to the ship if you travel to Incheon now How is my brother? I’ve never seen him Then what are you doing here? Joo Dong-Sung Didn’t you ask Joo Dong-Sung to look for me? ID card? There, chase him Capture him alive Shoot his leg Kim Woo-Jin Lee Jung-Chool ran What Kim Woo-Jin Do you really believed Lee Jung-Chool, really? Lee Jung-Chool is the one who has exposed you Where are the explosives Under your feet Looks like you have been treated too softly, still full of spirit and energy I wouldn’t know how long this will take, but you will tell me eventually That would never happen Never Yun Gye-Soon is your lover? Want to listen to an interesting story? You must have thought your failure is because of a spy? But to be able to capture Yun Gye-Soon which we have not seen It is because we have this photo of Yun Gye-Soon It’s from your photo studio Let’s see how long you can resist this strong-willed and hard bones right? Let’s start He has bitten his tongue We still couldn’t find the explosives? Minister We have captured Lee Jung-Chool Rise Sit We will start the public trial Defendent, please give your statement Lee Jung-Chool Lee Jung-Chool Please come to the front Please give your statement In order to retrieve the explosives from Kim Woo-Jin and to successfully pass on to the police force, I’ve purposely delayed the reporting I was waiting for Gyeongseong station police arrival and capture everyone in a net I’ve always abide by the police duties Hoping to be successful and to rise up the position I’ve always believe in this by giving my upmost in operations I I have only fulfil my duty as a Japanese police I am not a member of Heroic Corps I have just wanted