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There’s nowhere for you to go. Tryin’ do make trouble for me? Leave me the alone! Don’t you talk to me that way! I am your mother! Hey, don’t you ing curse at your mother! you too! Hey, hey, hey, don’t you talk to my boyfriend that way! Are you tryin’ to get kicked out? Goodbye Ma. Oh, you’re just gonna walk out, huh? Just like that, okay, go ahead! Just like everybody else, you ing bastard! If you stand up, I can drop you down into a bed. No, it’s alright. Do you want some water, a drink or something? No. No? So, this is your place? Yeah. Nice flag. Thank you. You still in that great loft? No, that was my boyfriend’s. We’re not together anymore. I’m sorry to hear that. Whatever, he’s a jerk. Listen, I’m glad I saw you tonight because for the whole summer there’s so much I wanted to say to you. My night with you was really important to me ’cause you made me feel so special. You didn’t even know me or anything, but you made me feel so special Remember when you told me you thought I was really cute and I said I get away with a lot? I didn’t really mean that. I never thought I was cute. I’d rather look like you or just about anyone else. I was just trying to act like I was your equal because I was so in awe of you. You know, until I was with you I had been with guys, but I’d never really, really been with a guy. You were my first. And you made me feel so safe. You made me feel so loved. You didn’t even know me, but it was like you really loved me. And that’s all I ever wanted; to be loved. Joe? Joe? Yeah, what? Oh, I’m sorry. I’m falling asleep on you. Do you want to mess around? Nah, that’s okay. I wasn’t even thinking that. You can sleep. I’m sorry. Doesn’t matter. No, I’m sorry for– I’m sorry for what I did to you. I did love you. You don’t have to. I did love you, Elliot. I fell in love with you that night at the diner. And I’m sorry it didn’t work out. I’m sorry for what I did to you. Thanks. Thanks for being sweet. I’m not just being sweet, I mean it. I was a jerk and I’m a -up. I ed up and I took it out on you.