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A Day Of Slacking Time l’d like to stay and help you with Pedro. But l’ve been ordered on to Torreon. Be careful. You, too. Women sol Game rs avoid pregnancy by washing with vinegar and water. Watch it from now on. That’s enough. Now it’s my turn. Thank you. Tell Pedro once he’s well, after the revolution, we’ll do more duets. Let’s go. lt’s getting late. Sergeant Trevino. Yes, my General. Let’s go! l’ll finally get a rest! Pedro, congratulations! You’ve recovered amazingly well. You won’t be my patient much longer. That’s good. Thank you. lt’s lucky you got here in time. l wouldn’t have known how to use the tepezcohuite. Don’t thank me. Thank my grandmother. Her experiments with this bark will be famous someday. Besides, with such a loving nurse as you, who wouldn’t get well fast? That’s true. l’ll fix you a drink in the living room. No, thank you. l won’t keep you from preparing tonight’s dinner. You didn’t tell me the doctor’s coming tonight. lt’s just that my aunt, who came for the wedding, is anxious to meet Tita. We were just waiting for you to get better before arranging a visit. Now l understand why Tita nursed me so carefully. Exactly! You finally figured it out! Come, John. l think Pedro wants to rest. See you tomorrow, Pedro. You should have sent Chencha with my food. You shouldn’t be late for your dinner. When will you tell him you can’t marry him because you’re carrying my child? l can’t tell him that. Afraid of hurting little doc’s feelings? lt’s not that. lt would be unfair to treat him like that. He deserves my utmost respect. lf you don’t, l will. No, you won’t say anything. First, because l won’t allow it, and second, because l’m not pregnant. What? l thought l was pregnant, but l was just late. But everything’s good now. So that’s it. Without being tied to me, you’re torn between staying with a sick man or marrying John, right? You’re no longer sick. Even more reason for leaving me. My loving you more than anybody doesn’t matter to you. Neither do all the sacrifices l’ve made for you. For me? Like what? Marrying your