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A demolition team I think it’s romantic. That son of a bitch! Is there anything wrong? Nothing. Nothing that an hour or so with a nice, healthy young man like you isn’t going to make right. MAN Hey. We’re all out of pâté. And I’m getting horny. Well, whose idea was it anyway not to bring along anyone of the female persuasion? Yeah, we need a little yin with our yang. Well, I’m going on a little reconnaissance mission. You never know what you’ll find lying around on the beach. Valerie, don’t you think you’ve had enough? I just can’t take it anymore, Max. I know. I remember when Uncle Willard Oh, screw Uncle Willard, Max! Mouse is dead! Valerie. Jim, Jim, is he okay? Girl, we ain’t got no tab on him right now. Just answer this question Did Mouse ever wag his tail? Why? Is there something wrong with Mouse’s tail? Dickson is in there working on it right now. When did Mouse wag his tail? Uh…when he was hungry. Uhhuh. When he was happy. Uhhuh. When he had to go to the bathroom. Practically all the time. Good. You can have him. Wait, please! Can we see him? Not now. Val, let’s just get moving. No, Max! I’ve gotta see him! MACHINERY WHIRRS Mouse! Mouse, what have they done to you? Valerie, no. It’s too early. You don’t wanna see him in this state. Oh, but I just want to see his tiny little face, just for a minute. Please. All right. But just for a moment. And don’t try to talk to him. He won’t know you. Talk to him? Why, yes. Once the heat sensors are in, you’ll be amazed at what he can do. Ohh! WHINES MECHANICALLY No! Linda. Linda? Linda? Linda! She’s…dead. MAN Who’s dead? What are you talking about? Look for yourself. Probably ed her to death. Oh, my God. Should we call the police? Not if we don’t want to lose our jobs at Balcerowicz, Teller, Niebaum, Tomosaka and Klein. Just leave her here. People will think she drowned. Excuse me, gentlemen. I’m looking for my fiancée. She seems to have gotten lost last night. What did she look like? She’s about ‘”, brown hair, brown eyes. Haven’t seen her. No. Why, there she is. In your sleeping bag.