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Like, where’s the old you? Where’s the in’ old you, who used to make that meant something? I am trying. I am trying. Define trying. I mean, you can’t keep a job for more than three months. People don’t get me. Oh please, Ben. This emo teenager is so tired. You know what, I think the thing is everyone gets you, and that’s the in’ problem. Anna, you’re an Uber driver. You’re an Uber driver with a failed book deal. We’re in’ losers. I don’t know if you think there’s some kind of magical thing that’s gonna come and change that for you. But this is it. This is in’ it. If we had been able to have a baby. Don’t. If we had had that baby. Not having that baby was a blessing. How could you say that? I want you to leave. . And don’t in’ come back. Dammit. Hey Dave. Hey. Do you think I could spend the night here? Yeah, yeah, come on in. Thanks. Good morning, Benjamin. Good morning, Dave. Good morning. Hello. Hi. This is called snuggle therapy. The human touch is very healing. Well, thank you. I used to practice snuggling with my parents in the aftermath of their divorce.