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Adventure Lost At Sea Well? Hi. Can I help you? How you doin’? We don’t want to hurt anybody. Get in the truck. Get down! Stay on the floor where you are until we tell you to move. Don’t get up. Don’t do anything. Is that clear? Hey! Stop! No! Don’t hurt him! They’re looking for Donoghue. You can threaten me as much as you like. The fact remains that officers from the United States Marshal’s Service Game Took young Donoghue out of school yesterday, and they did not say where they were taking him. I have been under a lot of strain lately, and I don’t have a lot of patience. If you’re lying and he’s here, I will find him. I’ll kill you. He’s not here. According to this, you’re telling the truth. If you continue to do that, you have nothing to fear from me. These young men have done nothing to you. I realize that. How could this happen? We pay a fortune for this kind of information! We were in transit. They couldn’t get to us. But we might not have a problem. I think you better take a look at these. Anderson, Robert. Anderson, Robert! Here. Your father is president of the Texpeet oil company. Yes, sir. Bradberry, Jonathan. Your father is Stephen Bradberry? Chairman of the first empire bank of New York? Yes. And vice chairman of the republican party? Yes. Giles, Henry the Third. Yes. Come here, Giles. Your father is representative Henry Giles Jr.? Yes. Chairman of the Armed Services Committee. Yes, sir. Trotta, Joseph. Your father is Albert Trotta of New York City. Yes. The Albert Trotta? What’s the matter? Not proud of your father. No. Montoya, Ricardo. Yes, sir. Your father is senior partner at Johnson, Montoya and Epps? Yes, sir. And past president of the California bar association. Yes, sir. So tell me, Ricardo. Are you a Mexican? MexicanAmerican. Do you speak Spanish? No, not really. Put a bullet in him. No, wait! “Wait” what? You don’t speak Spanish. I’m sorry. I do speak a little Spanish. Hey, don’t! Hey, don’t do that! Come on, man. Is he a friend of yours? Yes, he is. Tell your friend he’s lucky I didn’t shoot him. What’s your name?