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The storm has cut the line. It must be him. Good evening. My name is Gonzalo del Benetto. I’m your new neighbor. Can I enter? Of course. So it was you who bought the old Santillane house? Yes Madam. How are you? My son Marcos. His wife Lucia. That’s my other girl Bertha and this is her husband. And Martha, my niece. You’re very pretty Martha. Mom, the Mister is not wet. I had some luck. I was brought here by car. Do you mind? A drink? Cheers. Hello. At last here you are. Excuse me for arriving so late but with this damn rain. Happy New Year to all. How are you Madam? I’d like to introduce you to Mister Radio our new neighbor. It is our friend Ricardo Marquez. How are you Mister? Very well. Mom, why Ricardo is wet? A strange thing happened to me tonight. Lightning hit the highway and my car stopped immediately. No way to restart. You’re not gonna tell us you walked here? That is exactly what I did. The most incredible thing is that I saw other cars in the same condition as mine. As if they all failed at the same time. Apparently you were luckier than him. We should go have dinner. I hope the turkey isn’t burned. Finish your glass and come with us. Give us this pleasure. Perhaps with your presence the meal will be Radio more enjoyable. There’s nothing like a good glass of cognac after a good meal. Please excuse my mother. She doesn’t like to stay late. I will help Lucia. There’s no need. Ricardo did it already. As you know they can do anything. There are no servants here. Simple matter of money. My mother is very measured in her spending. I guess you did some repair work in your home. A lot indeed. And I tried to retain its charm. I hope I can show you one day. You heard him? You’ll finally have the pleasure of knowing the Santillane house. It really interests you? Since childhood I wanted to visit. His legend impressed us so much. Right, Ricardo? You maybe. I went only to keep you company. You were always very gallant with my wife. Not true, Ricardo? Since childhood we have always been good friends. Of course. Friends