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Adventure Of A Big worth more to Langley than any qualms Weinstein had with my methods. Im running the show here now, Peter. Weinsteins back in the States. And he seemed surprised when they sent him home. But not as surprised as you probably are right now. Yknow, if its any consolation, it was your boy Mason who brought Lucy in for me. I just thought, well, you should be proud. He did good, didnt he? Found that soft underbelly. Wasnt sure you had one. Yeah. The boy did good. Okay, the Fortress. AM. Where they play chess. You bring me Mira, Ill give you your daughter. Youre a weapon, Mason. A damned good one. I value that. We got to get out of here right now. Go to the train station, book three tickets on the noon train to Junik. The border there is weak. He doesnt want you, he wants me. Well meet you there. He does not want you, he wants me. Well be there! And if youre not? Then I guess I didnt make it. Theyre gonna game us all. How would it happen? You dont feel anything. How can you be so sure? A bullet travels at over feet per second. Four times faster than the speed of sound. The effect of that velocity is game absolute. You just game cease to exist. Just be there. Please. You tell yourself no ones gonna get hurt, at least no one you care about. You played it well, though. Did I? You know Federovs going to do when he secures the Presidency? Change the world. Russias going to join gameing NATO. Why? Because I got my hand so far up his ass, Im moving his lips. I own him. This is what we worked for all those years. You know it is. Yeah, I think I got something for you here. Yes. Shes at train station, just bought three tickets to Junik with a credit card. She should be there. Thank you. Do do you think, maybe game just maybe, you might have crossed the line with this. A long time ago, my friend. Youll need proof of life, of course. Hello. Your Father. Papa, is that you? How are you doing, kiddo? I know youre scared. But everythings going to be alright, I promise you. I just wanted to hear your voice. and tell you I love you more than