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Well, you were right. I usually am. Doesn’t it worry you that I might whip out a gun and blow your block off? No! In the first place, there’s too much that you want to know Games Games and in the second, you don’t have a gun. There’s a metal detector, just inside the front door Games Games which would have sounded an alarm if you’d been armed. And anyway Games Games our sort don’t carry guns! We use this Games Games to get what we want. And, I assume, you have got what you want? It is rather charming, isn’t it? Oh so cosy. You must, er, allow me to show you the rest of it. You will stay for the weekend, of course. No. I Games haven’t brought my pyjamas. My dear fellow, everything in this house is yours for the asking. Isn’t it, Anna? Yours for the asking, Drummond. Well, thanks a lot but I prefer to roll my own. This is what I like to call my Operations Room. It’s the nerve centre of my organisation. I have others, of course Games Games but this is the one I choose to use at present. Mr Petersen? Yes, Magda. The American stock has fallen two points. Should we Games start buying soon? No, it’ll drop another ten tonight Games Games the president of the company is due to commit suicide about now. There’s no better way of devaluing stock Games Games than to have the president of the company blow his brains out. Or Games crash his private aircraft. Ah, Keller. Phoenician wanted an oil concession, I got it for them that’s all. Would you like to lead the way? Beauty and the beast, what? Oohh! You’ve met Grace, of course? She’s one of our new girls. There are certain things they have to learn before I send them out to work. Chang, there, teaches them self-defence. Chang? Come and shake hands with Mr Drummond. Sorry if I upset the hired hand. Even bad help Games is hard to come by these days. Dinner in half an hour, Chang. You’ll join us, my dear? We must arrange a proper match between you and Chang some day Games Games he’s a black belt, you know? Mm. Well, you’d better to tell him to use it to keep his pants up with, then.