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Adventure Yetis I’m not surprised. So, Catherine, the tributaries of the Loire? Can you name one? No. You didn’t learn the lesson? No, sir. Too bad, you get zero. Catherine. Catherine Roussel, I’m talking to you. Why didn’t you do the problem? Didn’t know how? No, sir. Zero, for the second time this week. That’s a lot for a good student. Want to hear the rumors about the lighter? Sure. Mrs. Monnier, the butcher, was happy to give me the details. Catherine Roussel’s the one who gave you the lighter. Catherine? Yes. Because she’s in love with you. The proof is that she has a picture of you in her binder. Now you know. Time’s up, you can go. Catherine, you stay. Goodbye, kids, see you tomorrow. ‘Bye! See you tomorrow. We need to talk. I think there’s something funny going on in there. I’d like to know what. Why didn’t you do your homework? Didn’t know how. Look at me when I talk to you. You didn’t know how or you didn’t want to? I didn’t want to. You didn’t? Why not? Because it’s useless. Doing your homework’s useless? Interesting! Why? Because. Because why? You won’t answer? No. Did you give me this lighter? No, why would I? Exactly, there’s no reason. People say you did because of that picture. Do you have a picture of me? Yes. Where is it? In here? Don’t bother, you won’t find it. Is it at home? None of your business. A little brat has my picture and it’s none of my business? What about your parents? Pick up your things. We’ll go to your house and find that picture. Here, I don’t want it anymore. And in a swimsuit! Where did you get this? Did you steal it? Of course! Why? To give your little friends a thrill? They can all enjoy it. Now everyone’ll get to see it. Pick up your things. Get out of here. Go play with dolls and do your homework. Lose that scowl if you want us to be friends again. No goodbye? Then she left, her binder under her arm. I didn’t touch her game in any way. I didn’t even punish her. Why make it up? Who knows? Kids will do anything. It’s simple. You may not realize it, but Catherine’s a woman. What’s more, a woman in love.