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You mean you might be leaving? I’m afraid so. I’m sorry. I’m going to leave this blank. Just fill it in for whatever you want. Oh, thank you! I’ll pay you back, of course. Any time. Oh, where’s the best place to go? Well, I always go to Spindles in Knightsbridge. Oh, is Pogo gonna be proud of me! Who’s Pogo? He’s the guy with the yacht. See ya. Drummond. Hello, John. Where? The Pan-Arabian Oil building? All right, I’ll be there. Bye. Oh! Hey why don’t you look where you’re- Well, excuse me, I Games Let me Games let me give you a hand. I’m terribly sorry. Oh, it’s my fault. My fault. Thank you. Hey, is Games is that yours or mine? It’s mine. Oh, no, no it’s not. Hey, I got a great idea. My car’s right here why don’t we just lump everything in the back and Games Games go someplace where we can Games sort it out properly? What a lovely idea. My principaI’s proposal is a very simple one, gentlemen. Your company would like to acquire the oil rights in Akmata on a royalty basis. That is right. The new King, however, proposes to develop them himself. Actually, in competition with your interests in that area. My principal believes Games Games he can arrange for you to be granted the rights within three months. Providing you pay him a fee of one million pounds. Miss Eckman? Thank you. My principal estimates the main Akmata field Games Games will yield a minimum of ,, and I repeat, , barrels a day. The first year’s profits will not be less than twelve million pounds Games Games with an expansion to adjacent fields. As I said before, gentlemen- Is it as hard as that to get a concession in Akmata? I would have said “impossible”. Every major company is after it Games Games but the King is determined to work the fields himself. Well, how’s her boss think he’s going to get him to change his mind? Heaven knows Games short of bloodshed. Of course, if someone should assassinate the King- What did you say? I said “if someone should assassinate the King”. Assassinate the ruler Games Games and the Akmata concession is yours.