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Alien War 4 Watch your head, man. That’s like a spinal injury, man. Quiet. I know you’re mad, brother. Nice hole, Billy. Speaking of holes, anyone have a sister? Call her up. I saw Joey’s mom at the mall. Saw his mom? You guys better leave my mom out of this. I love my mom. And you can, too, for bucks. As long as you’re not talking about my mother, everybody’s cool. Make yourselves comfortable. The bar is open. Mr. Trotta, why don’t you tend the bar? Mouthwash? Yes, mouthwash. Or maybe not. What’s the deal, Billy? You trying to tell me my breath stinks? I wasn’t saying your breath stinks. Why do you take everything so personally? Damn, Hank. I don’t think smoking when you have asthma is such a good idea. Smoking isn’t such a good idea, period. Gentlemen. Here’s to Mr. Donoghue. Yes, to Phil. May he get laid while on the outside. Amen. This better not be mouthwash. Trust me. “Trust me.” Asshole. This is mouthwash. No, it’s not. Tastes like mouthwash. What the hell is it? Four parts proof vodka, two parts peppermint schnapps for that mouthwash flavor Game And one part crème de menthe to make it green. You’re a sick man. I hope you know that. That’s the beauty of this concept. It looks and smells and tastes just like mouthwash. We can keep liquor in plain sight in our dorm rooms, right? The best part, I sold bottles of this stuff for bucks apiece. We are rich. Ooh, brother, you is a genius. A lunatic, but a genius. Mix me up another shot. I’ll work on the entertainment. Man, this stuff is great. It’s opening up my lungs, making me breathe easier. Evidently, it’s making you fart easier too. I didn’t fart. The first rule of prep school etiquette: In a basement with no windows, don’t fart. No, the first rule is to pretend you’re asleep when your roommate’s beating off. The first rule is to wait until your roommate falls asleep before beating off. Was that a personal remark directed at me, roommate? You choke your chicken. It’s yours. You slap your monkey. I can’t sleep at night. Speaking of beating off. I’ll do the talking. Hello?