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you being American. Wulfric and I met on set. Isn’t it funny how that always happens? Set romances. Ours turned out not to be just a set romance. Right. Let me show you the room. It was nice meeting you River. You too. He’s perfect. What’s with the birds at night here? Its kind of eerie. Morning glories. You’ll get used to them. What happened to the guy who used to live here? He disappeared. Took off one day without so much as a word. And what if he comes back? He won’t. Trust me. What’s that? That is the Leaf building. Leaf building? influential casting companies in business. Leaf Casting game Liz Leaf is casting game the new Windsor Drive film. I didn’t realize they were making another one. The first one was so game devastating. Several times. It’s one of my favorites. Not too many people have. I’m surprised that you game That’s because you don’t know me. So do you want the room or not? How much did you say the rent was? Eleven hundred. When can I move in? Jordana!? Jordana!? Full house. Such rough hands for someone so young. That’s because they’ve been through a lot. We’ll let the past be the past. To new experiences. Now accepting submissions from agency represented actors only. No unsolicited submissions. What the hell did I tell you, asshole? I didn’t know you were a morning person. I’m here to see Liz Leaf. I wasn’t notified of any casting today. Let me see your ID. This is Randy. I have a River Miller here to see Liz. I don’t have a River Miller on the list. Copy. Sorry buddy. You’re not in the system. You’re an actor? Agent. I’m here to drop off materials for Liz. Why don’t you do me a favor, huh, Randy? Why don’t you give this to her for me? No unsolicited packages. Why don’t you get out of here. Beat it, before I call the cops. There’s a guy dressed in blue from head to toe. Asking for Liz. Just a heads up. Didn’t know you were a morning person. I didn’t know anyone was up. Well now you do. Thanks. You in? I’ve never played dice before. Well it’s time to learn. Besides, everyone plays dice now. Ivy