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Really? I have to go, we have to do. I’m not sending you away. Why the rush? I can not, I have committed. Math course, exactly. Yeah game I also actually have class, and everything. Things to do. As you wish. Thanks for the tea, Alice. What are you doing? How so? Stick with it. Are you afraid? No, not that. But game I’ve done stupid things come lately. Go take a shower with it or I will. No, no. You do not! Do not go there. Stop it. Do not go! Do not go! Do not go! Do Not! Wilson, come with me. Samba, relax. Quiet, quiet. The road game Do You? Hello, how are you? Forgot something? No, I just want to know you. All right? Okay game For example, feels something here? No game A little. No game a little. But game is not no, but maybe we do here. We will try here. Like This. Sure. Now what? Well game I already feel a bit more. But it is still very light. Want me to stop then? No, keep going! Or Continue. Carry On. Since we are in this game For example, as well? Better stop talking. Damn, what was that? The road! Damn, what is it? Help! You can not! And on top, cold! Damn, can not be! How much skill, that portuga! Damn, that , , I do not believe! Alice, you’re angry? Now is hot. Is boiling! Doom! All right? Feel better now? I will continue a little longer. What’s his name? Nenuphar. Now I must go. I’ll be back in a minute if you want. No, it was enough. It’s okay. You paid a turn with Nenuphar. With pleasure. Do Not? It was not my fault. It is a building of the problem. It was at the entrance. It is game At the entrance game Push over there. Are you sleeping? And what he did to solve? Enxugamos what was possible. And then? Then we went to a park. And cherish the ponies. Ponies? No, no. It was blank. We spent blank. But never mind. Let’s meet again. Let’s call each other or something. There is something going on. Although sometimes she cry, like each other. I think it was a temporary white, transition. We have to get out! Samba, come! What? Come On. What happened? Come On! What? Come On! Wilson, wait. Where are you going?