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Anime Grand Prix it takes. No more boob jobs. Just nose jobs. I game Shirin, let’s get married. Mike, I game I can’t. Wait, wait, wait. Hold on. Let me show you this. Look at this. Mike, what are you doing? You’re gonna like it. Mike? No, you’re gonna like it. You’re gonna like it. Hold on. Huh? Come on! Smiley face. You can’t say no to that. You’re crazy. Put your pants back on. It was Ben’s idea, but I mean, it worked, right? It is working. Oh. I missed you. Congratulations. Excuse me, officer, uh game any problem? Oh, no sir. No sir. I’m a friend of Shirin, and I just, I couldn’t get off today, and I just wanted to stop by and say hello. Oh, of course. You’re welcome. Shrin told me about you. The promising writer, right? Oh. I’m working on it, sir. I’m still working on it. Please, please go have some champagne. Thank you, but I’m still on duty, and I really shouldn’t. Come on. It’s only champagne. Besides, how often does my daughter get married, huh? I am speaking Farsi. Whoa, you speak Farsi, too. You look great. Please, just sell the house at any price. I really feel sorry about what happened. Thank you. I know people are angry with you, but it doesn’t really make any difference, and your novels have brought me so much happiness. It means a lot. I hope you write more. I mean, I don’t know if you know how much they mean to people who still haven’t found that special someone. It’s okay. I can’t help it, but I have to quote a poem from the very famous Persian poet, Hafez. Who said game Don’t worry. He always gives big speeches, plus I’m still expecting more important people. Aren’t you proud of me? Sure. Any particular reason? Silly girl almost left the doctor for that crazy writer. I saved her. Maryam, what have you done? What do you mean? You heard me. What did you do to save the marriage? Nothing. He came to see Shirin. I took him to lunch and made him talk. Trust me, it wasn’t easy. What did you do? Hi, how are you? You didn’t really think Shirin could write that story, did you? All’s well that ends well. Right darling?