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push me to tell the truth. But what you really mean is you want me to push your propaganda. You know, this whole office is a story! I should send a photo of you to New York. You’re not sending anything. I’ll handle this, Teresa. I am not some Italian journalist, you know. I’m the New York Herald Tribune. I know exactly who you are, Mr. Howell. What’s that supposed to mean? Why don’t you come to Russia? You will be a hero of the revolution, as soon as you put a sheet of paper in a typewriter. In your dreams, comrade. Don’t play tough guy with me. We know you left your interpreter in Ethiopia. The Italians, they came to your hotel, and then what? Tell me. You ran away. No! Gentlemen, thermite! In just a few seconds, it reaches ,?C and melts anything it comes into contact with. During the minutes it burns, it can’t be put out with water nor sand. First, we shall bomb their water supply systems, so they cannot put out any fire. Then we’ll incinerate everything with thermite. German efficiency at its best: minimum intervention, maximum destruction! Meeting someone? No. Good. I need something translated. I’m afraid you’ll have to stay. It can’t wait until tomorrow morning? No. Tired? I have some pages left, but I can’t read any word. I’m exhausted. There’s a reception at City Hall tomorrow night. Will you come with me? I’ll be glad to. No, thank you. Thank you. I’m sorry I couldn’t meet you. Vasyl kept me working until very late. I think he knew. Is that all? You’re hurt because I censored your article. Well, you were the one who wanted me to write the damn thing. Well, I had no option. I’m sorry. You don’t understand. Right. Henry, I did love your article. You must keep writing with the same feeling. What you are doing is important. Not just for Spain, but for you. How is it important for Spain if no one gets to read it? We’ll find a way. Maybe it doesn’t make sense, but I was inspired by your writing. Let’s dance. What’s on your mind? I don’t know, Marta. I Games I don’t know how to explain in English, but,