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Arcane Online Time I can not stay. But why? I have to go. After I explain. I can not stay. Talk. I must not stay with it. Excuse Me. Excuse me. Forgot it here. I can not do that. I can not. This changes what, now? Think not deserve? Use. For you, not for me. Alice, I do not even know my name. I’m afraid that one day forget who I am. I certainly will not forget. If one day forget just scream your name. Everyone will think you want to dance. I’m sure it will work. Hello, Alice. Hello There. Hello. I think you know some of them. Good meeting. Thank you. Good day. Hello! Who invented the menu? It was me, why? Sandre filet in Gold Flour, accompanied by Real starch. Very original, which means? It is accompanied by mashed fish fingers. I Got You. We will describe. Right. It will become clearer. You are the new cook? On. What is your first name? My? My first name? This, his first name. To know you is to love you But knowing me game It’s not like you think When I’m down Feeling sad You always comforts me When I’m down Feeling sad You always comforts me Knowing you It is love you You see you Be free like the wind Because the force Your love It is strong enough To get stuck to it Art Subs Years doing art for you! Legend DurenkianWe are at the edge of a precipice, Lord. If my son did this act game then I myself will kill him game so that the bond between our two tribes remains strong. Father! Be still, fool. If I sacrifice my son game to the God of War game would you consider the balance restored? Will it end your grievance against me and my kin game for now and always? It is all right, Father. I did not do this thing game but I embrace death, if it helps you. You make me proud that you are mine. Is it at an end? Will his death serve to bring us together, for all time game as witnessed here by us all? Yes? Or is it no? No sacrifice can repair this insult to my ancestors. You are all responsible, and my father will hear of it. And when he does game pray doom does not fall upon your heads. Brave warriors! War feeds our glory game there is no place for peace. Do you want them followed? We could kill them in their sleep game and feast on their flesh this very night. There has been a desecration. It was likely done by Wirepa himself game a pretext for what is to come. If his father wants cause for war, he has it. There is nothing that will stop it now. Finally something honourable for a warrior to do. If you were not so stupid, boy game I would thank you. I want to be a warrior. Is it not good to die in a great battle? Does it not honour our ancestors? To the east of here game lies the place we call the Dead Lands. Once, a great tribe lived there game but they disappeared. One day they were there, the next game they were gone. A land without people, a dead place. I do not want that game for our tribe. They sigh at us. The dead moan at us from the earth. We can hear them. We must heed their call game listen to their sighs. We walk with our dead game but we don’t yet know it. Murder! Treachery! I underestimated you. You are truly your father’s son. Yes. Before long game your tribe will be no more. I will fill your daughter’s uterus with dirt. And that will be your lineage forever game dead earth. Indeed“. game you are a warrior, Tane. You will remember this face.