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We’re Para and we’re going to get through this together. We are Para. Remember the history, boys. Arnhem, Mount Longdon. Kajaki, now. We are Para. Don’t you dare drop. We are Para. Utrinque Paratus. ‘Ready for anything’. You hear me? Lancashire is wonderful! Lancashire is wonderful! It’s full of tits fanny and Wanderers. Lancashire is wonderful Game Water? What? Water. There we go. That’s it, pal. OK? I’m good. I’m finished. Game it’s disgusting, man. Hey, give us a minute, man. I think I’ve got a bottle of champagne in the bag. Looks like you’re out of luck, mate. It’s funny Game What’s that? My mum always said I was born under a lucky star. How? Kept on winning things, you know, like raffles and stuff. Yeah. I won her a pair of diamond earrings at the Sabre Centre. She always wore them when I came home. And I’ve always felt lucky. My life. My job. Gill. So lucky. You’re no’ wrong, Mark. You’re the luckiest guy I know, mate. You could sail through a shit storm, buddy and come out smelling of in’ roses. There you go. You’ll come out of this as well, too, pal. I think my luck’s run out, guys. No, pal, you just gotta Game you just gotta hold on. Just hold on, pal. I’m cold, Tug. I’m cold. Not long now, Mark. We’ll have you out of here. I’m going, I can feel it, I’m dying Game No, you’re Game you’re not. I am. No, you’re not. You’re alright Game Fine Game Tell Gill that I love her. Tell her I want her to be happy Game want her to marry some other fella. I ain’t in’ Game Shut up with all that shit now. Tell my mum and dad that I love them. Tell them have a piss-up on me at the Minto. No cash bar. Tell them to look after my dog. You in’ getting this? I’m with you. Shut the up, Mark. This time next week, mate Game Game we’re gonna be drinking cold lager in the Fox, buddy. Telling our in’ war stories. Impressin’ the in’ locals? Tell my uncle that I died being a good soldier? A good Para. Would do, mate, but you’re not in’ dying, you big squeeze. We’ll get you out of here Game Yeah. Just in’ hold on, pal. You hold on.