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Coincidence, that’s all. Lot’s of big jewelry firms, insurance offices, attorneys. Yeah. I heard the elevator. Heard it as plain as anything. Ain’t supposed to be a soul in this building. But I saw that indicator move up to the sixteenth floor. We’ll go up and take a look. Must have been a spook that brought that elevator up here. Game Maybe he got off on the next floor down. Game Who? The spook? We’ll hit them all. This is Hayes Stewart. Hi. I’ve got to see you. I just scored a big handful of nothing. Meet me at the place. Well, that’s all now. That’s all. Nothing? Nothing. I could have sworn somebody was here. What are you doing? I just wanted to see what brand it was. What brand was it? Nervous Millie Game proof. I suppose you boys are laughing at me but I saw that elevator. Game And I don’t know who Games Game Man, we’re not laughing at you. This is what we’re paid for. To answer every call. Most of them don’t amount to much. But you can never tell when it’s for real. Who knows? Maybe I’ll see you later on tonight myself. That’s right and if you ever see anything that bothers you Games Games anything that you wonder about, you get us over here. I sure will do that. What are you doing here? Game What do you mean what am I doing here? Game Just what I said. Well, you sent for the police, didn’t you? Yeah, but they left. They left without me? Game You’re a cop? Game Sure. Detective Stewart. And uh Games Don’t let them kid you about that elevator not moving. It did. You were right. You really think so? I know so. Game Now would you let me out? Game Oh, I sure will. Sure I will. Isn’t that a pretty green? It’s the exact model and color I was going to get Kathy for Christmas last year. They wanted too much dough. Well, maybe you can get it this year. How long you and Kathy been married? Three years and four months. Does she know you’re leaving? How did you know I was leaving her? I mean does she know you’re leaving the police force