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Avatar Heroic Epic This life isn’t that much better. Thanks for the support. All right. Cable trays go here and all the way through here. You connect those to the main circuit breaker in the stairwell. And make it snappy. Allan, cables. I’m six pipes short. Halbo speaking. This is Christian Storgaard. How about you and I have a chat, man to man? A chat? What about? I’d like to settle the differences we’ve been having lately. How about it? Thank you for taking the time to stop by. I know you’re a busy man. I like you, Lars. You’re very talented. And you’ve got guts, which I really appreciate. I have two different, but very favorable offers to make you. Whichever offer you choose, it’s going to benefit us both greatly. Firstly, an offer of collaboration. I know Persson and Bo here have explained the advantages to you. Should you choose to accept, I can guarantee you that you won’t have to pay those fines hanging over your head. My second offer is quite simply the acquisition of your company by Storgaard Contractors. And what would I be doing? You would stay on as CEO. Albeit with some adjustments to company practices. What do you say? You’d do well to remember the many years your father spent building this company. Your family would have a far happier father and husband if you think about this carefully and make the right decision. The current state of affairs could spell disaster for your family. Which nobody benefits from. You’re not getting away with this. You have my word on that. What’s wrong with this guy? He just needs some time to get used to the idea. Did you take a look at the offer? What do we do? We accept LemvighMueller’s offer They’re only giving us %. As long as we get the materials. This is going to kill the budget. I’ll work something out. Just do as I tell you. I’m leaving for Sweden with my familiy. What are you doing here? I was just looking for some terminal strips. What the hell are you doing? Nothing. You come around here snorting that shit? I won’t have that again. Ever. Hey, it’s cool, okay? Go home. I can’t have you working while you’re high.