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Feel like more confident than I’ve ever felt in my entire life. It’s games It’s games It’s games It feels so good, hun. Well, I mean, of course, you’re feeling good right now. You’re drunk and you’re stoned. Well, you’re drunk and stoned, too. I am drunk and stoned, but I am not the one who was dancing around with my pants off. Well, there you go. Maybe that’s the problem. Maybe that’s what you should do. Excuse me? Maybe you should get naked. Alex, I don’t really think that this is a box you want to open right now. Okay, what I’m saying is I games I love my dick. Okay. Do you understand how big a deal it is for me to say that? Okay. Like I really feel that. Like I love it. I mean, Kurt brought me to this place where I can actually say something like that, and that’s, that’s huge! You think I want to leave this place right now? That’s crazy. I mean, I feel like this is so good for our life, for our everything. Emily games I am expanding tonight. Maybe you should expand too. It might be good for you. We’re out, guys. Looks like we’re gonna need a booze run. Emily, you wanna come with? Yeah. I know a place that’s open all night. Okay. Will you get me something brown and hardcore? I think I’m going for the hard stuff now. It’s that time of night. Char, there’s like five bottles of whiskey back there. Yeah. I know. Are you coming? We’re in our most downward facing dog style positions. Somehow she’s able to reach around and do it from the back. I mean, that is an extremely flexible woman. No doubt. Yeah, I could only last three or four minutes before I lost it completely. It was like her pussy was grabbing me. I hate to throw her under the bus. You’ve never seen anything like it before. Oh, my God! I feel like crazy, nasty is a mandatory class at French college or something. Whoa! I mean games There’s nothing we haven’t tried. Charlotte, why am I driving your car? Oh! I don’t know how to drive. Oh. Are you gonna tell me where we’re going? It’s a secret. Now, you’re like me. You’re a married man. Oh, yeah! Right? Yeah, yeah, totally.