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Listen, I felt we didn’t quite finish our last conversation. So I was wondering if we could finish it over a cup of coffee? Sure, of course Game Hi. Hi. I’m really happy you agreed to come, because I felt after our last meeting Game I felt really bad the day after. It came as a shock to me that you saw me like that. I respect that Game even if I don’t recognise myself in what you say. At first I felt a little sorry for you. But then, to be honest, I got really quite mad Game Game because I really don’t see myself as a bully or anything. Neither do I. What I mean is Game You said I was one of the worst. Objectively, you were no worse than anyone else. It’s just that, like I said, you did nothing and totally ignored me. And with the status you had for all those nine years at the top of the hierarchy it hurt that you never looked or Game I thought it was really nice to meet you last time. We spoke as adults Game You say I was the worst, yet I didn’t do anything. It doesn’t add up. And, above all, if this film is to be shown in public Game I was brought up to be nice. That was important in my family. So it distresses me that you see me as that son of person. I’m an entirely different person today to who I was then. I think it would be a pity if I was made out to be a bully. Hello, Linus Game Hello! My name’s Anna, is your mummy home? No. Do you know when she’ll be back? No. Do you know if she’s coming home tonight or tomorrow? Can you talk to her, Mummy? I don’t want to any more. Hello? HI there, It’s Anna. Hi, Anna! I was just wondering if the time we’d pencilled in still works for you. I can’t say right off, my diary’s at work. Can I get back to you? OK Game Great! Bye! Oh, dear Game Why doesn’t she just say No? Well, like I said, it’s about finding the time. Mondays are possible, they might work Game Thursdays, too, possibly, if I can find an opening. In that case, what time works for you? I?! check my diary and get back to you. Louise’? Hi. Hi! What are you doing here’?