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I included in the orchestra. Game eight harps playing in unison. With that, of course, you waste time in rehearsal. And David Lean wasn’t patient about rehearsing. He liked you to play the music immediately with the film rolling. But before that, we had to rehearse Game Game so that the sound engineer could get all the harps playing together. David would say Game But I wasn’t very happy with the final result. Game because it wasn’t exactly what I had wanted. Game on a technical level. And you can vary it Game When I was contacted to write a film score Game I concentrated fully on what was being asked of me. Concentration, in my opinion Game Game helps composition and inspiration. Because the more you concentrate Game Game the more chance you have of finding the right solution. Composing a score takes effort. Both intellectual and physical effort. It’s not pleasant. It’s “painful”, as they say. But that’s all part of the passion. Passion often approaches pain. But that’s how it is. It always works the same way, whoever’s composing. First you watch the film. with no music. I hate them putting “test music” onto the pictures. You watch the almost silent film. You take a close look at the film, you dissect it Game There’s a long period of research before you say Game “We’ll put music here Game “here we don’t need any. We’ll have some here but none there. ” For “The Tin Drum”, Volker told me Game “Above all, do not be in the least sentimental. “It must be totally cold. ” I’d read Günther Grass’s book, and in it Grass speaks. Game about the potato. I said to Volker Game “It’d be good if we had an instrument. “that brings to mind the potato. ” It sounds totally crazy. Game but when I was with the “TNP”, we toured in Poland. Game and I was struck by one instrument, shaped like a bassoon. It sounded like Game You felt like its sounds came from the earth. You can’t write a love theme played by the fujara. A lot of things came together