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Where are we going to go? You can’t shoot a man as prominent as him and run very far. You’re right. The police will be here. This is my room. They have my name. Game Hayes, I’m scared. Game Wait a minute. They’ll never search a police car for us. If he could use that cop we can. He’ll get us out of the state. You said that was the deal he made. Where do we find him? He told him he’d be at the Silver Frolics. Game His name’s John Kelly. Game Let’s go. Calling Car . Car , Continental Hotel, room , a shooting. Car . OK. Did he say the Continental Hotel? He sure did. The guest in reported a shot. We didn’t investigate right away because it could have been a car backfiring or almost anything. Then the man in called again and said he saw Hayes Stewart and a woman leaving. Said it looked like they were in an awful hurry. So I came up with the passkey. I knocked and nobody answered. I opened the door and found this man here the way you see him. I called the squad roll even before I called you. There’s the gentleman. This man’s in a bad way. Game Are you the house doctor? Game I’m a doctor. He lives in the building next door. I thought it best to ask him over. I can’t do anything for him here. Everybody clear out until the squad roll arrives. Let’s everybody clear out. All right, folks. Come on, Doc. Hayes Stewart? Yeah. The hotel manager said two people left the room. Who was with him? It’s not important. Any idea where he went? Looking for you. Silver Frolics. Aren’t you going to report in? Yeah. Police . Give me the squad operator. Officer Kelly, Car , st District reporting in. That shooting at the Continental Hotel. Victim is Penrod Biddel. Yeah, that’s him. He was shot by Hayes Stewart. The only lead I have is that Stewart may be headed for the Silver Frolics. Game Standby. Game Right. Cars , , and attention all cars. Wanted for assault with intent to kill Game Hayes Stewart. Description follows: Calling Car . Car , come in. Car , acknowledged.