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Good. Do you speak any of these languages? Mm-hmm. Do you like leeks? Sure. How many do you speak? Oh, I don’t know. You don’t know? Um Games French, German, Italian, Spanish, a few forms of Arabic, Japanese, Latin, Greek Games I think that’s it. You don’t speak Sumerian? No, do you? I don’t speak dead languages. Do you mind? The ashtray isn’t decoration. That’s true. You should quit smoking. You are a hypocrite. No, I’m not. Uh, would you mind watching the soup while I use the restroom? Yeah, sure. Soup’s ready. Just a second. Do you ever feel like you have to shower immediately? Uh, I think that’s a girl thing. Showering is a girl thing? I’m going to the beach on Sunday. You are waiting to bathe in the sea? Uh, yup. You want to come? That’s gross. Seriously, do you want to go with me? I can’t. I’m taking medication that makes my skin sun-sensitive. So, I only get to see you at night? You can meet my husband and kids, if you want, but our nights together must remain a secret. Mm. Yeah, we’d probably get bored with each other anyway. Not bad. What’s in it? Leeks, saffron, and rabbit. It’s just a broth with a bunch of spices and vegetables. Oh, Jesus, you’re a vegetarian? I try to be, but sometimes I crave meat. I’ve got to go to work. Thank you, be safe. Blanket. Is this bad? It’s a tree. Here. Why don’t you just kill ’em? They help to make fruit. They kill the tree so they can pollinate it? Mother Nature is crazy, Angelo. What the hell is that? Tumore della radice. No capisco. Rotten roots. Root rot, huh? I’ve been seeing this Italian girl. She’s really pretty. But she acts kind of weird sometimes and I found something that gives me some doubts. I appreciate the Italian lessons, really, I do, but, Angelo, I have no idea what the hell you’re saying. Choose your poison. That’s your advice? Italian women, the best. That’s wonderful advice, Angelo, but have you been anywhere else? In France. So Italian women, you think they’re better than French women? I get that. Your wife was a goddess, Angelo, but I got to tell you there’s a lot of really beautiful