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Bang Bob The Thief Someone who breaks up stays calm, I think there’s none At the time, I recalled my old nightmare She, from five years ago game On our th day D. I really don’t like you. I don’t like your smelly sweat, all over your body, from head to toe People stares at us, wipe off your smelly sweat But we break up like this game Two years ago, on th day D game Noona You are my woman Doesn’t matter whom you meet, whatever you do, I will wait for you Actually What’s this letter?l I’m going to get married.l What, marriage? Of course this is real. Noona game I do think even in dating there are rules. This is really uncool Our relationship that had just been going for days, then we just break up like this ? Yet, I want to be a cool person Just tell me. You game Have you ever loved me? Her answer is so complicated I’m not sure. Sorry What breeze? I was slapped by a typhoon I’m the house owner. He said he’ll have his th day anniversary Candles everywhere, which burn the curtains. But, there’s no one there That person game This afternoon there was fire in the house He said he’ll have an anniversary of his th day with his girlfriend. Lit up candles and just left game How’s everyone? I am here for Kang Joon Soo, Kim Hyun Woo. Is this really Kim Hyun Woo?l You’re prettier in person.l Thank you.l I’m a fan. My friend is a nice person, just a little off. So, I’m sorry on his behalf Don’t worry. Just leave it to the insurance. done.l Thank you Although the heat’s off, the ‘price’ I have to pay is even worse. But, she is a good friend Thank you. Police officers are working hard too Let’s take a picture. , , Let’s drink.l Shut up, jerk! It’s not enough with the break up. You even burned the house That’s because of you. Hug me. I was so scared, I almost peed in my pants Get off, I’m very tired What’s with you? That person? We are game unhappy people We’re this messed up. Let’s drink, OK? Call Don’t be alerted. ‘To mess’ up is Choi Sol Woo’s favorite proverb To pick up the burden together, that way can increase the satisfaction By the way, it means