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Evan. Can you please stop walking away? Please? Give me a minute. Hello? Hello? Tommy! Yeah? Hey, it’s Evan! Ev! What’s up, man? How you doin’, brother? I’m good, I’m good. Yeah, I met a girl. What? Is she hot? Yeah, she’s Games she’s really hot, yeah. Um, do you have a sec? Uh, sure, man. What’s up? I got this girl or, uh Games maybe monster pregnant and I don’t know if she’s gonna, like, give birth to herself or Games What? Hello? Tommy? Tommy? Hello? Ev? Ev, dude, I just smoked a huge bowl Games Smoked a huge bowl? Yeah, man. Like, right before you called. Gotcha. Yeah, right before I got on the phone? Okay. Yeah. Um, no, no. No problem, man, no problem at all. Just, uh Games I’ll call you back another time. Call me back, man. Have a good time out there. Yeah. Yup, enjoy. I know it’s complicated, obviously, but let’s talk about this. That’s me. It’s something chemical. Pheromones. If I do this to a plant, you have to wonder what it is you’re actually feeling. I’ve seen what happens to you. I mean, I’ve seen this at its worst, right? And I can deal with that part. No. You want to be with someone that is basically going to be related to you and when you’re you’ll look like an inbred pedophile? Yes, probably. No. In a day I’ll be someone else and, Evan, you should get far to keep all your stuff attached. Let’s use the time we have. Why? Why? For just a little while longer, I’m a normal guy, you’re a normal girl. We’re here. I’d regret it if we didn’t take this to its end. Evan, you know that I’m not in love with you, right? You like being with me. You like the and all that? You smell good. And you’re funny, and I like the closeness. Great. So Games how different is your personality gonna be when you use my cells? Well, with your impulsiveness and some other personality stuff, about half of you. Keep my memories, that’s nice. When you realize that you’re madly in love with me. That’s the only way this goes down? To live forever, yes. What about not forever? Evan, I really think you’re great, but I’m not giving up eternity for a guy I