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Barbie Night Entertainment Can we have chocolate? Uhm, sure. Come downstairs a minute. Sure. Didn’t the doctor tell you to quit those things? What did Persson want? How do you know about that? I saw his car parked around back. Why do you keep coming around? You were supposed to be relaxing. So, what did he want? He just wanted to chat. Because you took the dormitory. They won’t take that lying down. It’s a free market. Do you really have to aim so high? What are you worried about? About the company. Isn’t plumbing enough? You don’t have confidence in me? Sure, but why not do it my way? What’s wrong with making money? We all have to make a living. I’ve done all right for years. But you have to butt heads with those greedy bastards. Always trying to be the best. What kind of bullshit is that? You’re just worried that I’ll do better than you ever did. Just steer clear of them from now on. You hear? Coffee’s ready! We start off with the interior facilities for the senior homes. Firstly, the contract for all electrical, plumbing ventilation and carpentry. Next up is Holmberg Ltd. The Svendsen & Son tender is Game Contractors’ tender is Game Here’s a tender from Nystroem HVAC. ,, kroner. This one is from JP Construction. ,, kroner. And now for the final tender of the day. Halbo Electrical & Plumbing with an offer of ,, kroner. They are hereby awarded the contract. Do you realize who you’re messing with? Hey! You just made the biggest mistake of your life. Do you want me to fix the cables directly on to the ceiling? I’m putting up drywall tomorrow, no matter where you guys are. Everybody calm down. What’s wrong? We’re still missing those cable trays. We have to stick to our deadlines. When will the cables be up? Tomorrow at noon. I’m losing money over this. I’ll go talk to Preben. You need to get a ing grip. There’s been a mixup. Your trays have been shipped to Herning. I don’t know what went wrong, but you’ll have them in the morning. I want your word on that, Preben. Of course. You can count on me. What did Hanne say? That I sent her the text.