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Barcelona & Bieber Pretty. Get going. Get going. I don’t get it. Why the rented car? Well I figured that wit with you driving all the time that I never get a chance to Games Yeah. We could do it in my car. Old man liked it so I gave it to him. I get should wait till tomorrow. I’d ordered new tires. Darling, why all this sudden excitement about going to the polls? As long as I’m a little face in this big puddle, I thought it might prove interesting to look at the other little fish. Alright, we’ll go to the soup kitchens. I’d like you to see how well father feeds those poor men. Henry. The soup kitchens. Take it. Oh hello. I didn’t recognize you, Mr. Hollister. I heard a lot of your campaign speeches. And that’s good work. This is Miss Cameron. How do you do? I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting you before. Now I can see what your father keeps you under glass. Excuse me. All right, boys. Get going. There’s lots of other polls to cover. We gotta work fast. Come on. Business looks good. Feed them right and they’ll vote right. The boss says a man never listens on an empty stomach. Yeah, all right. Excuse me, will you? I gotta get moving along. You know how it is, don’t you? Hey, why don’t they show? These guy’s been voting already. Hey. What’s the idea? I just thought that maybe you could do a change to this big bill. You want change. Ask for it. That’s my racket too. All right. All right. All right. Could you change this for me, Mr. Hollister? It’s a fifty. I’m sorry, Floyd. I know he still printed that big. No ma’am, I ain’t working. At present, I’m sick and relief from relief. Oh. How’s the food? This caviar is delicious. You’re pretty. James Brown? James Brown? Over there. Henry Jones? Henry Jones? Soapy to my pals. Over there. Monroe. Gilbert Monroe. Monroe? Not here. Voting and eating. Eating and voting. Getting in a rut. Game How many times you voted? Game Only three. The guy behind you is four ahead. I got a get over to that fifth precinct. I hear they’re giving away a set of dishes. Nice meeting you again. Oh, I’m sorry, Sabra. It’s okay.