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Bart Boarding Time 4 Ever since I became aware of the world I’ve started to call mom as mom It is equally true that Siri is my friend Seeing the dress you wear, jobs you choose I thought there was no clarity in the minds of youngsters of this generation Game and was hoping you to reform After seeing your clarity in the small line between love and friendship We think that our generation should be changed It’s not our honour to give you freedom It’s your honour being same today without misusing it Because we’re in the society that can’t take a boy and girl to be friends forever I couldn’t understand you We have understood that your friendship is also a relationship But your life partners should understand this May be it is harsh to you, I am talking like this despite listening to you As a father, you are thinking about their feelings But I’m thinking about the problems that will come between us in the future There is a problem Since we are childhood friends, We’ve behaved crossing an edge, forgetting the difference between a boy and a girl There was no wrong in you misunderstanding us seeing that We are just friends This friendship is very important in our life You are going to share our life if you can’t understand that friendship Game there is no meaning for that It shouldn’t happen like that I’ll marry Reethu and no one else What else should I do to make you understand? Siri loves you very much Is it okay for you if I don’t meet Siri for an year? I won’t meet Siri forever, never try to talk or see her Please marry my friend, Udhay It is completed years since you parted from Siri I am watching you and your band in the news and internet But Siri never mentioned about you all these days In this years, we were very happy without any misunderstanding Whenever a problem creeps up in life, we should make some adjustments But what you both did is not an adjustment, but a sacrifice There will be some pain if two people get parted in any relationship You both were happy after parting and made us happy That credit goes to your friendship As a common man,