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Bart Skateboard Racing Why? What was the reason?” And when we find the reason, we find the man that made the corpse. In this case, him. Come on. But he didn’t do it. I know he didn’t. Do you? The murder was committed with this. Do you know who it belongs to? No. I don’t know. We do. It belongs to Pierce. That’s fact number one. Fact number two: He doesn’t deny killing Beragon. He seems to think it was a good idea. But he didn’t. He couldn’t. He’s too gentle and kind. Okay. He’s kind and gentle. He’s wonderful. But if he’s so wonderful, Mrs. Beragon, why did you divorce him? Because I was wrong. It’s taken me four years to find that out, but now I know I was wrong. Let’s see. Four years ago he was in the realestate business, wasn’t he? Yes. He and Wally Fay were partners. For a long time they made good money. They built a lot of houses. Suddenly, everybody stopped buying. The boom was over. Yes? Then one day they split up. Wally was in and Bert was out. They weren’t partners anymore. That day when Bert came home, he was out of a job. Here’s the mail for you, Mr. Pierce. Thanks, Jack. Have you got a changeofaddress card? Why, yes. Thank you. We lived on Corvalis Street where all the houses looked alike. Ours was number . I was always in the kitchen. I felt as though I’d lived in a kitchen all my life Game Game except for the few hours it took to get married. That you, Bert? Yeah. Who else? I thought it might be Mrs. Whitley. Well, it isn’t. I married Bert when I was . I never knew any other kind of life. Just cooking and washing and having children. Two girls, Veda and Kay. I pressed your pants. You might want to see McLary about that sales job. It’d be nice if you left me alone once. When the time comes, I’ll get a job. I know you will, Bert. I was just trying to help. Good afternoon. Package from E. Langlin. Thank you. Thank you. What’s that? A dress. For Veda? I thought so. Where’d you get the money? Making cakes and pies for the neighbors. I earned it. Right, throw it up to me that I can’t support my own family. I don’t say half as much as most women would say with nothing but bills to pay.