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Barts Car adventure Can I give you a hand? At school Game Maybe I vented a little too much. If you really love her, don’t leap tall buildings in a single bound. Sometimes the most important things we do are the most simple ones. Good morning. I’m a friend of Beatrice’s. Well, not really a friend, but every once and a while at school we run into each other and Game You’re the one that ran off in the hospital. I remember that crazy guy. Anyway, Bea doesn’t want to see anyone. I know she doesn’t want to see anyone. It’s just that Game Come on inside. Wait here a minute. Let me go see how she’s feeling. Come in! I’ll leave you alone. Hi. I knew it was you. The mad man from the movie theater. Yeah. Anyway, my name is Leo. I know. Hooligan often mentioned your name. I won’t fill you in on his finer details. Oh, I can only imagine. Go ahead and sit down, if you want. Can I? Game Thanks I’ll sit here. Can I grab a pillow? Sure. Thanks. Leave it. If it’s this you’re wondering about, yes. It’s a wig. Your hair will grow back. You’ll get better. I know you will. I don’t think so. My blood is turning completely white. But isn’t there a cure? I need a donor. But they can’t find anyone compatible. I wanted to do so many things. Learn different languages Game Play the guitar Game Travel Game I just want to laugh. Instead I’m waiting for a blood transfusion to have enough strength to take a shower. Am I being a bit too frank? No. Not at all. I don’t even care. I don’t want to be afraid of speaking my mind anymore. I know what you mean. That’s Game that’s why I came. To tell you something. Beatrice Game I love you. There, I said it. That’s a beautiful thing for you to say, Leo. But maybe you don’t understand. I’m dying. This is not fair. If you’ll excuse me now. I’m really tired. Okay. I’ll leave now. Sure Game Leo? Yes? Oh, of course. I always forget it. Bye. Mom? Hey, I need to talk to you guys. What time is it? Leo. I need to talk to you. I know, sorry. For once, can we pretend to be a normal family? At night, you sleep! During the day, you talk!