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Batdog 2 Going hungry week in and week out, he sold warm donuts on the street to survive. He would go without eating so his mother or siblings could eat. By age , Manny had become the man of the family. No longer able to afford to live on their own, his family was forced to move in with Manny’s uncle. Manny was the first person I trained. Even without shoes, he jogged. And I saw in him, his passion. I also saw they didn’t have money to send him to school. That’s why I trained him. These were the first gloves Manny used when I started to teach him boxing. When he used them game game he was only years old. These are the memories game game that he will never forget. One Sunday, he registered me for the boxing match at the park. Thank God I won the fight. I made pesos which is about $. I keep on fighting and I was always winning. There was a tournament, the Mindanao Open. For one week, I fought every day. I won on Monday, then came Tuesday, I won again. Then on Wednesday, I fought for the bronze medal. Thursday, I won for the silver, then on Saturday, I won the gold medal. Manny couldn’t fight for $ purses the rest of his life. He had to leave his family to help them. At age , he stowed away on a three day long boat ride to Manila. He had no money and no food. It was Manny and I game The two of us looked for ways to get out of poverty. I was really surprised I received a letter saying, “I’m already in Manila mom. ” I cried. But Manny said, “If I asked for permission to go to Manila you will never permit it. ” “I’m sorry mom but I’m earning a living here game game so we can get out of our poverty. ” “My perseverance isn’t just for me game game this is for all of us. ” I asked, are you boxing there in Manila? “Oh, we’re here in Malabon mom game game we live here at the gym. ” I didn’t have any relatives to live with in Manila. So I slept in the ring at night. I wanted to become a professional boxer. So, I went to sign up for a boxing license. They told me that the required age is but I was only . So, I lied and told them I was years old.