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to happen You go and stay at his home happily In his house.. I am Seenu, assistant of KN Rao saying.You are staying and that is it. Ok for me as you are saying. I can understand the situation. Small decisions in life should be taken with mind and the bigger with heart. Wow! Ultimate quotation! How do you get all such sir? It is still not finished? Look dear, thunder is not permanent,but marriage is permanent. At times, a boat can drown even in a place without water. That means? I understood and will say later in detail.You go and sit in the car. I will speak to sir and come. Say sorry to Mr Rao, Bye. Go. What man? Why do you cut when I am in a good flow? Not the boat to drown,but life would have drowned if I did not cut. Ok, give me your phone number.Why? To inform if I get to see that girl You have not seen her, right? You too did not see, right? Hey..nice timing. I will get her photo in two minutes by WhatsApp and forward it once I get. Then the time I have is two minutes I am saying about my timing I too am saying about your time Nice timing Ok sir, bye! Take careOk bye Hey! wait! Hey hello.. Tower man. Hello, look at that tower. That is very famous in Spain. I had been there many times..See.. you really like it. Thankyou. Hello What Seenu, why do you not lift the call? Give her the phone and I will talk. It seems she does not speak with old and added will not stay at your home it seems Our food expenses will be saved. Make her wander for these four days and let her get in the flight. The bad fate will be gone away. We should get the girl for that, right? Still, when he took your number you too should take his number right bloody? You should take… you will be shocked knowing what happened. What happened son? A thunder fell over the house of KN Rao uncle, aunty! Will thunders fall even here? What addresses will the thunders have aunty? If you have no objection, he asked to stay at your home for these four days. Come on, feel this as your house. come. Thinking so, do not sell it. Joke! Still how did you catch the fortune slipping from the flight jumping down with a Parachute bro?. You are not with me right? Hey dear moon… come and listen to our story He came. Granny, you taught me Telugu, taught to eat…Miss you Granny. Miss you. Who is that boy? Oh, he is Gibbs and stays in the house adjacent to us. He grew up with my aunt from childhood because of his parents jobs. My grandma has taught him all songs and poems. Yes, he is not leaving even though she has gone away. Hi..Hi. I am Gibbs! downloaded! That is his date of birth I am Meera Nice to meet you.Me too. My foot! Did you forget, you took Euros day before? I need some time For what? To forget! What? Why did you focus on that girl? Because I liked her Did you say then? It may take some time She may fall for someone else by then Give me a Euros and I will givean outstanding love letter. Give her that and your job is done. Shall I make her flat with the letter written by your bloody Pokemon brains? Are you not passing the exams reading text books