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It’s a quote. It’s Elizabethan. Yeah, I’m not even gonna tell you. I’m gonna games I’m gonna give you time. Is that how we sounded when we used to play that game? ‘Cause it’s pathetic. you. I mean, we’re games We’re guessing quotes from books? It’s like games you. That’s a quote from me. . Oh, I got the machine again. It’s not a machine. What? They’re in the phone service. Oh, hi, Jeff. It’s your mom. I got your message that you’re not coming today I’m sorry to hear that. Uh, but at least we’ll see you for my birthday. Yeah, I love you. Uh, I games it’s your mom. That was good. Yeah? Yeah, not too much pressure. I try. Yeah. Yeah, it says “Look, Slim’s got a litter now. ” It’s games it’s not his girlfriend. It was games They were talking about the dog. Mmm. I thought she was just messy. Is he not coming? He didn’t even call to cancel. My therapist has a hour cancellation policy. And she’s strict about it. So if you cancel, how much you have to pay? She charges me like $, and she calls my parents. Why? Well, I asked her to. Look. Guys, what do you say we just pack it in, yeah? Yeah. Yeah. Let’s just pack it in to your place. Yeah, let’s go to your place? Uh, yeah, the games there’s kinda of a big difference between joining a book club and hosting one, so games This is all we have, man. This is games It’s all we have. This is it. I mean, this book club is what games is what we have. I’m looking right at you and I can tell that’s true. Yeah. And you guys are taking that really hard. I know, it’s just like what happened to Jeff? You know? Who likes what he’s become now? I don’t. I don’t. Guys, I think we should be happy for our friend, alright? I mean, he wanted to make a change, he did that and now he’s out there doing what he wants. Did he make a change? He likes Anne now. Is that really a change or is that just more like “Oh, I’ve decided to like this girl. ” Wait, what do you mean he likes Anne? I think he’s got, like, feelings for Anne now. That’s why he’s acting so crazy. I don’t know. My brother’s girlfriend’s dad.