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If General Krassblyurk sends his army against us, we can defend ourselves. Thank you, Daddy! I also have a gift. Really? Wow! For my Father. I wonder what is it? My marks for the term. I framed them. . . . Average: . Ducobu has perfect scores in all subjects. Bravo! About the best gift I never dreamed of! Tutorials for th grade. Wow! Now I’ll catch up with Ducobu. Thank you, Mom. Love Relationships for Dummies. Maybe now you will get a girlfriend. Yes. Thanks, Mom. Not at all. Happy New Year! Happy New Year, Gustave. I celebrated Christmas with my mom. She gave me great gifts. A New Year holiday with my Dad, in the south. My parents re divorced. What are you doing? Me? Staying here with my Dad. Where’s your mom? I do not know. You never see her? No. She left us when I was very young. Ducobu, wait! I wish you Games Stop it. Molas, in the corner! I wish that you all had done so brilliantly, as Ducobu, who has even managed to push Leonie Gratin to second place. Ducobu, please, share with us the secret of success. Learn, learn and learn Games Wonderful! Now we will check it out. To the board Games .. the hearing aid Games You won’t need it. But I can not hear you! Do not worry. With this, you will hear perfectly.. What is x ? Answer If you do not answer, Ducobu I’ll give you a zero. Um Games . False. . I’ll give you your first zero. He does not know the multiplication table! Exactly. The great secret of Ducobu’s success is that he cheated. Indignation. I have no evidence yet, but I’m sure. But know that from now onwards ‘m watching you. And I have no astigmatism or presbyopia! Actually, I typed Relou in Goggle. And now I know what this word is from youth slang. It means crazy. Right? Quiet! Write times: Monsieur Latouche is not relou. Molas, you are free. Give him the dunces cap. Ducobu. I did not cheat. Then why did you not answer? I know the multiplication table by heart. But just now a failure of memory. I lost first place because of some rogue! You have cheated me. So? I hate cheats! If I can prove it I will tell Latouche.