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Magivers, Werner, if you read, answer. We can’t move Rod. Our controls don’t react. Rod, we got to go and get them. Moored in position, prepare to fix. You’ve got men on there alive. Prepare to fix. We can try to get them. Prepare to fix! On your orders sir. Recon, fall back. Gravity’s pulling us in. We’re sinking. We can’t, there are dark spots. You could try landing, you could open our shoot. Suggest, it’s possible to land. Suggest you use retros. It’s possible to land and attempt rescue. Request you land. No, request denied. Have everything ready flagship because I’ll be right there. Do we take the antimatter too? Yes, take it on. Somebody’s got to get that thing and blast it to pieces. And I’m willing to make a try. Recon squadrons Dubrovsky and Parkinson, fix and moor, then open portals. Commander Game and recon crew have entered decompression chamber. Now close all air portals. Terry. Welcome aboard. What’s new helium head? We’ve found it, that’s what. Commander, the deflector’s in operation, we should have a stabilization reading soon. This thing is obviously determined to crash its way through the universe. We won’t let it. Why don’t we turn the deflector on full power and blast that thing back into space where it came from and get rid of it once and for all? Because it would always be out there. There’d be no peace. If we can place it in the right spot, our only chance, Terry, is antimatter. It might blow us up too. It’s a big gamble. For big stakes. The whole world. Commander, stabilization is go. We can’t guarantee how long we can hold her sir. That’s our cue. I’m going with you. No, Terry. Not this time. I know what the score is. It’s my duty to be there with you. You need the best damn communications officer in the fleet, and that’s me. And you know it. All right. But it’s every man for himself. I want you to know you volunteered for an almost sure one way ticket. Here’s the plan. We’re going to try landing on that thing.