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I’m sitting next to you.” There aren’t a lot to choose from. There aren’t a lot of Nat scenes, it’s tough. I do love this scene though, I think it’s just game Yeah, this was the first day of shooting. This is the second scene that we shot in the entire film. Yeah, and Jaz Sinclair, who plays Angela, you know, really had to chart a narrative for that character that we don’t get to see a lot of. But I think because she did that so, so well, that’s why this scene feels instrumental to the movie, even though it’s sort of a pause before the road trip. It feels like it has to be there. Yeah. Well and there game We’re just lucky, again, to have a movie where you can get into these B and C plots, and the acting is just as good as in the A plots. Right. It never feels like it takes a dip. I mean, she’s so great, he’s so great. And I love this, everyone has their own little story about seeing things incorrectly in the beginning and needing to open their eyes a bit. And I love that for Radar it’s less about dreaming about some girl, because he has a girl but he still mis-imagines her, and mis-imagines what she’d be open to and what she’d understand. And he thinks she’d see his friends in a certain way, and he’s too scared to really reveal himself. Right. In a way. Which in its own way is projecting onto her something that isn’t real. Yeah. Yeah, that’s a good point. I mean, that’s, again, something that is much better drawn in the movie than in the book. There’s a bunch of things I like better in the movie, actually. That’s done pretty well in the book too. It’s done pretty well. I would say it’s brilliant the way that Scott and Mike were able to condense that, so it could stay in the film. Yeah. Yeah. But, yeah. I think the movie might be better than that book, Jake. Oh, stop. It’s kind of annoying. They’re both game Now I’m mad. game equal and beautiful pieces of art that can exist in their own spheres. Now it seems like you’re complimenting yourself. All right. One is a beautiful piece of art and the other one is all right maybe.