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on, Barney! Go! What the hell? You owe me, Barney. LUNA: Barney! SMILEE: Barney! Holy game ALL LAUGHING Whoo! Pull me up! You gonna fire us again, Barney? Come on! Can’t hear you, pal. I’m gonna kill you. LAUGHING BARNEY: All right, I’m sorry! Pull me up, you idiots! TOLL: Don’t pull him up. TRENCH LAUGHING ROCK MUSIC PLAYING To Caesar! ALL: Caesar! Yeah! ALL CHEERING Hey, yo, Barney. Yeah. I don’t think I’m gonna be needing this anymore. You want your luck back? I hope I didn’t stretch it. I think you did stretch it. BOTH LAUGH Good to have you back, man. Good to be back. Don’t scare us like that anymore, okay? Hale Caesar. HALE: To me! You never got him to The Hague. You know, Drummer, working with you ain’t been so bad. I haven’t had so much fun in years. Fun’s important. These guys are nuts. THORN: Our powers combined game SMILEE: Is that a Captain Planet reference? I’m fire. Yeah, you are. Come on, if you had to be a Planeteer game Are you calling Captain Planet? Whoa. Major oldschool. Hey, Major Badass. LAUGHS I’ll drink to that. GALGO: I am sure I have done enough that I am worth my weight in gold, you know. Am I close? And since I am as crazy as you, uh, l am sure I’ll fit in. Galgo. Yes, sir. Welcome aboard. Thank God! Because I already spent a fortune on this. You know what I mean? I am so happy! Barney, thank you. Yeah. No, no, no, no, no. No, no hugging, no. No hugging. No hugging No hugging. No, no, no, no, no. No. No hugging. KNIVES THUD Ooh. Best two out of three. LUNA: Hey. Hey Just wanted to say thanks. For what? For caring. Oh, come on. Yeah. Thanks. You know, if you were years younger game I’d be afraid of you. LAUGHS Here, cheers. Hey, Yang. Looks like you had a growth spurt. Tall people don’t live long. CHUCKLES So you’re working for Trench now. CHUCKLING And you, I thought you retired. I lied. Good. WHISPERING You guys wanna get a room? We don’t need any rooms. BOTH LAUGHING So jealous. We came into this thing together, we gonna leave here together. Hear me? Absolutely. ALL: Cheers. You know,