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me that you- you cheated on your boyfriend to be with him, and- well, hearing that, I- you know, I was cheated on very recently, and, uh, I don’t want you to hurt Peter. Also, I haven’t slept in over a week, so there’s that. Literally over a week. So I’m-I’m kind of, you know, I find myself in, uh, sort of in a- in a daze between being asleep and awake, and I find myself doing, you know, strange things. A small example of that, the other day, I actually introduced myself to a tree. So, um, it’s not a joke. You know, suddenly I’m in the middle of doing something. I’m talking to somebody or I’m driving or thinking about how small they could make a T-shirt. I’m sorry. I’m not a whore. Okay. Are you growing a beard? No. Just haven’t shaved in quite a while. I should probably get going, so game Ye . I think I landed on a sprinkler. Okay. Okay, time-out. Just a little break. The old man needs a breather. Donald? Yes, my dear? Peter hasn’t really told me anything about his mother, and if you wouldn’t mind, would you be good enough to share with me a little bit while we’re walking here? Okay. What would you like to know? Anything, I guess. He told me that she died when he was , and that’s all I really know. I don’t know how much Peter really remembers. He was probably ten the last time he saw her. Oh. I didn’t know that. Ye . Donald? Ye ? If it’s okay, I’d like to hear a little bit more. Is there a reason you haven’t asked Peter this? No, I have. I don’t know if it’s- Okay. All right, it’s not a happy tale, I’m afraid. Diane- that’s Caleb and Peter’s mother- She was having an affair with another man. I found out about it, and I asked her to leave the house. I was pretty devastated, as you can imagine. When I told the boys about it, they- they didn’t want to see her, didn’t want to talk to her or anything. You know, they felt like me. They felt they were betrayed. And then, about a year later, she- she was diagnosed with cancer. Four months after that, she died. It was a pretty dark time for all of us. And Peter never