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Got a little necklace here for you. Why does he have to do that? I know, buddy. Don’t worry about that. Go get something to eat. Come on, my treat. We’ll go get something to eat. That okay? Mind if I put it on? Oh, that looks good. What do you think? I like it. All right, here you go. Now, you sure you don’t got to take a leak? Nope. Well, why don’t you eat something? I got all your favorites here. We sure got our butts kicked today, huh? Yep. You could have beat Jungle Jim if you hadn’t hazed your tires. And didn’t even get to run the Fueler. No, we sure didn’t. Well, it’s nice to have you guys back on the road. Hey, you know that girl you had your picture taken with? She was just a fan. You gave her a necklace. Hey, it didn’t mean anything. I got of those doodads. Fans like to feel like they’re special. We put our arms around them, okay, we smile for the camera, and we make them feel like they’re part of the team. Is that why you and Mom broke up? No. Everything I’m doing is for you guys. You’re more important to me than anything in the whole world. Now, come on. You know that, don’t you? Yeah, I guess so. So we good, then? Yeah, we’re good. All right. Well, hey, we got a ways to go till we get to Richmond, so why don’t you crawl in the back there with your brother, get some sleep? Nah. I think I’ll stay up here, help keep you awake. That’s my boy. Hey, I might take you up on that. The th annual Nationals, National Hot Rod Association staging one of the most explosive, one of the most recordsetting events in the history of drag racing. I’m Keith Jackson, and today on ABC’s “Wide World of Sports,” I think that you’ll just stand in awe at some of the mechanical and personal performances by some of the top dragracing drivers in the world. An incredible blast of power as Don Prudhomme defeats Danny Ongais. Here. Let’s get it closed up. Hey, are you okay? Go, go, go! And McEwen redlights. He’s disqualified. There he is, ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Drag Racing himself, Don “The Snake” Prudhomme.