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Being One Section 3 In short, ideas must be expressed on film using appropriate images and sounds, and dialogue should only be used as a last resort. I don’t like talking about technique. I don’t feel I have one. It’s more an obsession I have with flattening out images. I have good reason to. I believe rather, I’m certain that without transformation, there is no art, and without transforming the image, there is no cinema. If the image remains isolated onscreen, just as it was filmed, if it doesn’t change when juxtaposed with other images, there is no transformation, and it isn’t cinema. To achieve that Images bearing the mark of the dramatic arts can’t be transformed because they’re marked by that seal. Like a table made out of wood that’s already been carved once. The table will be shaped by those carvings. You must use images free from all art, especially the dramatic arts, so they can be transformed through contact with other images and sound. The great difficulty in cinema I say “cinema” to distinguish it from “movies.” By “movies” I mean conventional ones, which to me are just filmed plays. The director has the actors perform a play, and he films it. To me, cinema is something entirely different. It’s an independent art born of the juxtaposition of image with image, image with sound, and sound with sound. This is true creation, not reproduction. When you film actors performing a play, the camera reproduces the scene, it doesn’t create it. I wonder if I’m making myself clear. Yes, very clear. In the theater, we ask actors to perform a piece, actors from stage or film or both. We film them acting out this story. To me, it’s not the same thing. It’s about image and sound. Images that are transformed when juxtaposed with others. But the images must have a certain quality that might be called neutrality. They mustn’t have and it’s very difficult to avoid too much dramatic meaning. Their dramatic meaning should only come from their juxtaposition with other images. That’s what’s extremely difficult: To know how this image should be shot,