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Can’t we wake up some of the crew? They would take too long to recover, we don’t have that kind of time. What are we even looking for? Something broken. Something big. Come on! Is it broken? It seems okay. What next? Power Plant. This way. Come on. Whole section’s closed down. Something’s wrong. We’re looking for wrong. Try to open it. Warning. Pressure door. Lock down initiated. Please secure all doors. Aurora! Warning. Dangerous oxygen level. Please secure all doors. Dangerous oxygen level. Please secured all doors. Grab it! Pressurizing cabin on sensor door. Pressure normalized. Oxygen level restored. Stand lock down. A hole in the ship. More than one. How did that even happen? This ship is supposed to be meteor-proof. I guess one got through. It’s hot! I think we found it. It’s the reactor control computer. This is what hit us years ago. Jim. How can we fix this? We’re going to die. There’s replacement parts for everything. Light. Sorry. As soon as I pull this module, the entire computer is going to shut down. What happens then? I’ll get it back up as quickly as I can. Hurry! Jim! Control computer restored. Venting reactor. But we fixed it! Reactor vent failed. Manual override required. Vent failure. Come on! Jim. Outer door non-responsive. What does that mean? The outer door is jammed. We got to open that door and cool the reactor down or the whole ship’s going to blow. How? I got to go out there. Open it from the outside. I open the door I get cleared. You blow that fire into space. You get cleared? You talk to me through this. What happens to you when that door opens? Heat shield. It might help. You might need this. It’s going to be okay. I’m gonna go. Jim. Jim. Come back to me. I can’t live on the ship without you. Warning. Temperature critical. AHHHH! What’s wrong? What’s the matter? Are you okay? Nothing. Go. You sure? Yeah. I’m in the vent tube. New anchor port. Reset tail. I see the door. Temperature level rising. Warning. Temperature critical. Containment unstable. Where are you? I’m at the door.