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And very simple. ” There was a bell in one of Avignon’s churches. A kind of huge gong. So I arranged things with a soldier. Game that via a walkie Games talkie Game I’d say, “Ready Game Now!” And the soldier took a heavy bar. Game and struck the bell. which made a fantastic sound. So you heard the actor’s lines Game Game and then Game Game resounding far in the distance. The only trouble was, in all of next day’s papers in Avignon. Game that wrote on the festival said Game “The actors in the festival have lost all respect. “for the poor folk of Avignon who suffered the noise. ” Jean Vilar was given a hard time Game Game but I was the one responsible. So for the nd performance, Jean Vilar said Game “No bells, no death knells. “Otherwise we’ll have the whole population. “of Avignon on our backs. ” I worked on Hitchcock’s film “Topaz”. I told him, “I’d like to show you the themes I propose. ” And he said, “Why? I chose you: do as you please. ” So I did what I thought right. And I said to Hitch, Games we called him Hitch Games “Hitch, I’d like you to come next week. “We’re starting the recording. ” So the recording began. I turned to him, and he said Game “Ve’y good, Maurice. Ve’y good. ” And I carried on. We rehearsed the second sequence. And I turned round. Game and he’d disappeared. He disappeared on every day of recording. I didn’t see him again. When the director doesn’t help you. Game by saying, “No, I prefer that” Game Game it makes you anxious. “Be inspired now! At once! “You have two weeks!” In every film Game I’ve always tried to find a particular type of sound. Game for each piece of music. For “Ryan’s Daughter’, David Lean said Game “Don’t give me any Irish music for the film. “I loathe it. ” He didn’t want to have Game Game any folkloric sounds. But I had thought that the overall sound of the music. Game should be a sound that had Game Game a lot of harp. But not a solo harp playing. More like a huge harp. For that reason Game