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Rantzau: Your Majesty Games Rantzau. I have to tell you something that’s been troubling me for some time. Struensee, Brandt and the Queen are plotting to kill you. I overheard them talking. No. Rantzau: I overheard them plan it. I’m Struensee’s friend and confidante. I have no reason to lie. So that’s why Brandt bit my finger. Guldberg: Sign this. It’s an order for their arrest. I can’t. Your Majesty Games listen. distant shouting Listen to them out there. The people demand that Your Majesty act. Sign it before it’s too late. Come. I can’t. Guldberg: Yes, you can, Your Majesty. Sign it. Come. Sign it before it’s too late. I can’t! I can’t! I can’t! Sign it! Sign it! Quill scratches shouting continues distant door slams people speaking footsteps approaching Johann Friedrich Struensee, you are under arrest for conspiracy against His Majesty the King and the Danish people. Let’s see what the King has to say. His Majesty signed the arrest order. Take him. Pounds on door Man: Open in the name of the King! Pounding on door Louise crying Shh. Shh. Where is Christian? Step aside. I command that you step aside. I want to see Christian! Caroline, it’s over. Horse nickers I hope it’s worth it to you. They’ll kill Johann. No one’s getting killed. He’ll be banished to Altona. laughs You naive idiot. Are you here to gloat? Frederik stays here. Louise coughs What? Take Louise, you’re still nursing. But the Crown Prince remains with his father. No. He can’t. He stays with me. Don’t touch him. Wait Games Aren’t you listening? Let him go! Crying Juliane? Please, don’t do this. Frederik, don’t be afraid. Mommy will be back soon. Mommy will be back soon. Crying wailing hoof beats Officer: We’re here for your confession. I have nothing to confess. Officer: You seduced the Queen and conspired against the Court, plotting to kill the King and lead Denmark astray. I have nothing to confess. I know you outlawed torture, but we have a new cabinet now. Struensee grunting gulls cawing footsteps approaching