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Ben 10 Cave adventure And bringing Rajbeer is your responsibility. An Enquiry commission investigates for years but why is it that any politician is never brought to justice? Millions of rupees are wasted on commissions. If the report of an enquiry commission is not satisfactory another commission is appointed. Why is the enquiry not made public? Why can’t we get to know the answers that the leaders present for the questions that we ask? After all, isn’t this our money? Do you think that all this will change anything? Will you get justice? Hey! What is this drama that is going on here? Everyone out! Out! Chautala is here, where is Rajbeer? The government is not being dissolved and no counting is going down either! Don’t you understand? Now, keep the phone down! To heck with them! Brother! You say something else but you do something else entirely. What does that mean? In the hunger for power, you’ve forgotten the first rule of politics. This country worships the martyrs. Chautala will go to jail and that is a fact. You should save yourself. Didn’t you always say that politics is a business? Now save yourself! He is right! Do as he says. Make your government and take him along. Time is of the essence. The little one created this situation! Come on! Come on, go out! Silence! Leave! You have to answer to the accusations made by Dev Majumdaar. We will answer to the government itself. Please leave game Turn the camera off. Listen game Please leave game Move! Step back! Shut up! Move out game Take this discussion outside game Let the government game Get out of here, please. Hey! Shut down your darn camera. Imple, show them out. Get out game Nice! Nice trick! Didn’t I say that Chautala with you, for you, always. Chautala! Chautala! How dare you come back inside? Sir, you killed him? Dev Majumdar has been murdered. So that he can’t give his statement in the court. Get away from me! Chautala! Dev Majumdar has been murdered. They killed Dev Majumdar! He’s been murdered. Gaurav, wait! Gaurav! Easy boy! Hold yourself! Come. Gaurav! No one will take any action.