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I guess If I had any regrets, Brian, that I regret that I found it difficult to communicate with Jim. I don’t know if it’s the male thing or whatever it is, but I just wish I was able to share more of who I was with Jimmy and get him to share who he was with me, which might have been just as difficult, you know? He would interview us when he came home, and he did a great job interviewing us ’cause you felt like talking because he was listening. You know, he wanted to know how we were. And that was when he came home, that’s what he wanted to know. He wanted, “Well, how are you, how you doing?” You know, “How’s Grandma, how’s Katie and Mark?” And he just wanted to know how everyone was doing, you know? So in that way, Jim was kind of solitary. He was home, end of October, right before he went back for Syria that last time and he was going… I remember he was leaving here and he was going to New York to get a helmet from somebody which was good, we were like, “Getting safety equipment, we like this!” Yeah, I remember we left and we dropped him off at a train station and he, you know, we were gonna see him again in December, He was supposed to come home kind of… Oh, yeah, you have a good memory, yeah. He was supposed to come home mid December. And we were like, be safe, see you soon, and unfortunately, that didn’t… Yeah. Sorry. It’s okay, I think that’s enough. We’d spent the beginning of November in Aleppo again with Jim, John Cantley and Mustafa, our translator who’s become a friend of ours. I had had some issues with my camera that week, so, I just was like, “Jim, I gotta go back to Istanbul, I’ll see you guys in a week.” You know the moment when I said bye to Jim, I had this feeling of reluctance to leave, I think in a way maybe it did upset the balance that he and I had shared for so long. There are superstitions when you’re in a war zone. There’s like this one thing he and I shared which was our lucky lighter. It’s very common in the middle east. It’s like the evil eye to ward off evil spirits, you know?