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Ben 10 Clothing style Calm down! Take a deep breath. What do you mean? Have a seat! Sit here! Excuse me? Are you possessed or something? Are you forgetting, he’s arrested your brother! I said, stay calm! Stay calm! Drink some water game Drink some water. I don’t want it! Hariram sir! This party was organized by you. You sent all those ministers there. And who ruined it? One’s son! Three ministers have been shot including Chautala. Anyway, whatever happened has happened. Now with a single blow, we will also get out rid of uncle. Father! Keep Gaurav away from us. Chautala is making sense. If this case builds up we will never be able to come back to power! Understood? Since the beginning, you’ve been telling me that politics is a business, now let me handle the business. Take him inside. I will let you know. Chautala! Come on! Come on! Let’s go! Whoever is guilty will be punished by the court of law! Even if that person who is behind this is my son! We should be proud of brave soldier like Chautala who is serving our country. Hail India game We received bail, but everyone had already accepted that we were criminals and we had decided to prove them wrong. My life is like smoke now. My dreams have faded. Who knows where my happiness has gotten lost. I can’t see the light anymore. How wonderful those days and nights were game When I used to talk with my dreams. That laughter is lost game The government has set up a commission to seek the truth. Have faith in the government. We waited for five years, thinking that justice will prevail. There’s no shore, there’s no support. I don’t know where I am headed. While walking on the road, I don’t know why game This drum will keep on beating for truth! This is very good news that we are forming the government. But unless the commission gives me a clean chit I am not going to take the oath! Because this drum is a symbol of truth! My dreams have faded game Who knows where my happiness has gotten lost. I can’t see the light anywhere. Have some tea! Hey! Aditya! Gaurav! Stop game Please, stop! Due to the strong