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Why don’t you speak? It is better for you to go. Why? I do not like people like you. Okay. I’ll go but first tell me. Why do you hate me? Look at me and look at you. You believe that there’s a lot of differences between us, right? You are mistaken. There is none. I understand. You are the kind of woman who seek adventures. Does it matter to you? No. To be true, no. Let me go! You disgust me! If they find me, you will unleash terror upon us. You will screw everything. Yes, you’re right. Help me Gonzalo. We will have to hide the body. Where is Lucia? I already told you. She left this afternoon. I’ve found her a room at the hotel in the village. And why didn’t she go to the capital? She wanted to, but the Inspector has forbidden it. Close all the doors. And lock everything up. Like that, she cannot return. She cannot do it. Now you can really rest Marcos. I do need to rest. I am very tired. Don’t turn it off. With the light on I feel better. See you tomorrow, Marcos. Pass it to me please. Thank you. Try to sleep. All you do will be useless. You’re very weak. Farewell Marcos. We can no longer suspect her. She was in the village when her husband was murdered. And him? He is our last chance. And what happened with the blacksmith? Nothing. As if he’s vanished from earth’s surface. We will keep on searching. Lucia, forgive me for having doubting you. I want you to come home. I do not know if I must do it. You have to do it. This is your home. Thank you Bertha. I will return then. What have you learned? We must do something. Lucia. What a nice surprise. Gonzalo, what are you looking for here? What I’m looking for? Believe me, I do not understand. Since your arrival some very strange things have happened. My husband and my mother were murdered. Who are you? Why do you have this portrait? What’s wrong with that? This woman. Why does she look so much like me? She could be me. Only her eyes are different. They are cruel and without mercy. Gonzalo, terror came with you. I just ask you, beg you, to go. I will go when the time comes.